Hi I’m Laura! The #SoulFirstCEO
I activate your soul’s blueprint for your world-changing 5-figure-month-business NOW.
You didn’t think your soul would call you to your massive mission without a plan did you…?!

Conventional business wisdom is KILLING your transformational, spiritual business. It’s stifling the very soul blueprint that CALLED you!

The soul blueprint I activate in my clients  to create 4/5-figure soul-clients, 5-figure months and 30K+ launches.

This is no ordinary business coaching program.

This is the #SoulFirstCEO INITIATION – a spiritual journey to your soul-expressed, world-changing, abundant business.

Together we alchemise your life. Transforming the shame that shrouds your gifts, and holds you back from sharing your truest, most divine message. And I intuitively guide you to;

Discover the offer already inside you that your soul clients will happily pay 4 and even 5 Figures for.

Pinpoint the precise characteristics, values and vision you share with the soul clients who are already out there waiting for you.

Embody the exact transformation your soul clients crave – you already do, you just don’t see it in your current paradigm. With your life alchemised you simply OWN it and magnetise your people.

Show up grounded in the deep integrity of your divine truth to create consistent 5-figure months on the way to your limitless vision! 

Sign 4/5 Figure Clients NOW - FREE CHALLENGE

Even if NO-ONE'S LISTENING & you've LOST CONFIDENCE in the business you felt SO CALLED to create!

  • Discover the offer your soul clients will pay 4/5 figures for
  • Pinpoint precisely WHO those clients ARE
  • Embody your soul's message and MAGNETISE them

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