To live your destiny! Transform Your Clients’ Lives with Your Soul’s Gift & Receive Abundantly

And it starts with finding the FAITH to be the whole TRUE YOU 

Faith in yourself.

Faith in the Universe.

Faith in your nervous system!

So you can overcome the shame and cringe-worthy discomfort of showing up to the whole world in your true weird message!

And actually BELIEVE that the soul clients who are ready to do the true deep work it really takes (the work that you’ve done), AND pay you for it, are out there.

And that it CAN actually work for you!

Hi, I’m Laura and I tried EVERYTHING to consistently receive clients into my soul-aligned business. I had ‘success’ too, easily signing clients into my 4-figure programs right from the start of my business.

But it never felt quite right.

I felt like I had to lure them with the promise of ‘more clients and more money’ (which I totally helped them get).

But that’s not what I DID!

What I did was reflect the undeniable Truth of how AMAZING they are…

Alchemise all the fears and doubts that came up along the path to ALLOWING themselves to BE that…

Guided them into the FAITH they needed to make a STAND for the value of the work they TRULY wanted to do and LEAD their soul-clients into it.

And honestly? Once I’d signed them on the promise of ‘more clients and money’, I kinda felt bad about leading them on the deep transformational work!

Because that stuff is NOT easy like creating a marketing strategy!

It felt like a bait and switch. To be fair to myself it WASN’T really because I spoke about the deep stuff too.

But the fact I FELT like that was the problem.

It belied the fact that I didn’t believe anyone would want to pay for the deep soul transformation.

And that I thought I had to package my work into a ‘tangible’ outcome ‘or no-one would ever pay me’ 

*Shudders* – eugch! those marketing lies that had me COMPROMISING my soul’s message and unknowingly holding me apart from the soul-clients who need me!

And it’s taken me years to fully unravel and finally stand in MY truth!

The truth that I help my clients find the FAITH to be your WHOLE TRUE SELF and Manifest Your Soul Business

I know! The irony that it took me so long to do what I’d been helping clients do all along – but that’s kinda the way it works when you have a calling!

You’re always learning a deeper layer as you’re teaching. And the muggle-marketers will have you believe it’s ‘out of integrity’ to teach what you’re not yet perfect at.

And you can just add that to the list of a bajillion things that DO NOT APPLY when your business is your soul’s calling!

You’re probably wondering HOW I finally got to the place of fully owning my soul’s gift and message and calling WITHOUT the fear that it’s not ‘marketable’?

Honestly? It’s been a journey! And there are 2 key elements that finally brought me home to being fully and truly ME in my business;

1. Divine Alchemy – this is my signature practice for not only alchemising EVERY fear, doubt and wobble that stood in the way of allowing myself to be me, but also in creating the Truth, stops thousands of similar beliefs from running so you’re no longer constantly plagued by them!

2. Connecting to my Higher Self. THIS is what finally made my faith in how the Universe works REAL for me. Took me from the cycle of being HIGH on manifesting my desires one minute, to crippling anxiety the next to constant, grounded, peaceful faith.

This is where I KNEW I’d manifest my soul business from for years but honestly never knew if I could do it!

I watched clients do it and wondered why  couldn’t do it for ME!

And I think a huge part of it was my atheist background and having no personal spiritual connection practice that worked consistently for me.

I mean I’d had blissful moments in meditation. I’d magically manifested soul clients right out of the blue.

But I never believed I could do it CONSISTENTLY.

I kept coming back to ‘needing  a strategy’

And every time I ended up spending THOUSANDS on coaches and trying to contort myself into their strategy and it dragged me further out of alignment, set me back MONTHS and added to my pile of debt.

Until I knew I just had to STOP.

Stop ‘showing up every day no matter what’ – which I’d committed to even in the knowing that it wasn’t aligned for me!

But the coach I was following had found success that way, so she must know better than me, right?!

But the knowing that it was out of alignment for me…

And the FEELING that my ‘soul-aligned-message’ was actually TAINTED with neediness to prove ‘I AM the answer to the problem that keeps you awake at 3am – Hire me!’…

Eventually brought me to the realisation that I couldn’t find my true, pure message while I was still playing the game!

So I stopped ‘showing up’.

And I carried on with Divine Alchemy and daily connection to my Higher Self.

And I was a bit scared for a while that I’d never want to come back to my business!

But here I am.

Unshakeable in my message that your soul clients ARE there and they DO need you and WILL pay you and you DO NOT HAVE TO COMPROMISE to receive them!

Because Manifesting Your Soul Business is DIFFERENT to Marketing a Useful Offer!

Nothing wrong with Marketing a Useful Offer.

But if you want to answer your soul’s highest calling…

To work with the clients who’ll receive the DEEPEST transformation and start the GREATEST ripple-effect with your work?

You can’t do that with marketing!

Manifestation ALLOWS you and your soul clients to be co-operative components in each others’ destiny and brings you together in divine timing to create the highest good!

If THIS is the life and business you want and you’re ready to do the work it takes to SURRENDER to your guidance?

Join me for my Free Masterclass;

Manifest Your Soul Business

Watch this space for details of the Masterclass coming December 2019! Or PM me on Facebook to make sure you get your invite 🙂