You’re MEANT to create a life-changing abundant business with your gifts.
So WHY haven’t you created it yet…?
I’m Laura. Let me guide you to the answers within you and make it your reality. NOW…

Let’s start with the answer to my question…

The reason you’re not LIVING the life you’re meant for is that you’re not EMBODIED in your FAITH.

The truth is you spend more of your time driven by unconscious beliefs that have you CREATING more of your fears and doubts than your desires!

Fears like;

‘Are my soul clients are really out there…?’ – that manifest as ‘not enough soul clients

‘Does anyone actually WANT what I’m offering?! – that manifest as no-one willing to pay your prices

‘Can I REALLY make money consistently with this dream?’ – that manifests as a financial and emotional rollercoaster

You’re not alone! I GET it!

I’ve been there, done it and bought the t-shirt! 😱

Until we did the deep work through my Divine Alchemy Practice to;

  • Discover
  • Deactivate and

The deep unconscious beliefs that were DRIVING us to live our FEARS instead of our dreams;

Jane's deep shame about her mental health diagnosis was the KEY to booking out her practice with soul clients! Not to mention opening up to her angelic guidance 😇
Hilde couldn't stop procrastinating and sabotaging her launches. Until we alchemised her deep fear of 'what folks back home would think'. Then there was no stopping her from a £3K launch in a week followed quickly by a £15K launch!
Mhairi was 'ashamed of her turnover'. Comparing herself to high profile startups with huge investments. When she saw the reality of her own steady growth, she stepped up, LEAD her industry forward and made her first 5-figure (£18K) month!

How did they make the change? They EMBODIED THEIR FAITH by working with me 1:1. This is no ordinary coaching program. When we work together you;

Intimately understand precisely how your gifts and their story ACTIVATE your soul clients
EMBODY that truth day-today, moment-to-moment and start to CREATE what you ARE

RECEIVE and follow your guidance to magnetise your soul clients and grow your abundant business

This isn’t about making millions – money’s just numbers on a screen!

It’s about tapping into the unlimited resources of the universe to ALLOW your every desire. That’s REAL currency.

And if it takes $MILLIONZZZZ then that’s what you’ll create!

Because Yeah, we still use money in our human existence, but ABUNDANCE is so much more than money.

So. I’ll ask again… are you READY?

GOOD. Push the button below and let’s do this.

Want to read more about the program first? Click here to check out the details —> Embodied Faith

Sign 4/5 Figure Clients NOW - FREE CHALLENGE

Even if NO-ONE'S LISTENING & you've LOST CONFIDENCE in the business you felt SO CALLED to create!

  • Discover the offer your soul clients will pay 4/5 figures for
  • Pinpoint precisely WHO those clients ARE
  • Embody your soul's message and MAGNETISE them

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