I’m calling BULLSHIT on this high-risk, potentially long term damaging approach I see many coaches preaching.

Because I’ve coached too many women who’ve been pushed into excruciating action that they simply couldn’t and didn’t want to sustain and then burned out.

For every juicy exciting success story of ‘She left her husband and made 10K by tea-time!’ there’s a story of burnout and financial disaster.

Disclaimer: The above approach may well work for some people.

There may be some who truly transmute their fear through action – I don’t know everything about everyone and if it feels good for you? Go for it.

But if you feel uncomfortable with it and especially if you’re an empath or highly sensitive person, read on for a different approach…

Because just taking the excruciating action doesn’t heal the wound underneath that MAKES that action so scary.

And I’m not denying that we have to get out of our comfort zone and take uncomfortable action to grow – it’s essential.

But for God’s sake, let’s heal the fear and do it easily rather than feel the fear and do it anyway!

The uncomfortable action is the FINAL step of the process that grounds the transformative healing and makes it sustainable. It IS absolutely necessary.

And so is healing.

And it doesn’t have to take months and it doesn’t get to be an excuse for NOT taking the action – not on my watch!

We go straight to the deep fear in my first session with clients and heal it there and then.

They come out ready to step into bold action. To create the whole new world they’ve stepped into now they’re free of their shame!

They get to keep working on it and other fears that emerge forever – that’s what being a human is all about! And they now have the tools to instantly transmute every new fear they discover and keep taking bold action SUSTAINABLY!

Is it still scary? Yes! But not in that excruciating stomach-dropping, terrifying way it is while you’re still wounded!

It’s just uncomfortable. And gets less and less uncomfortable the more you do it.

If you’re READY to stop letting your fears drive you and create the massive scary vision you’re called to?

For God’s sake get yourself a coach who can guide you to HEAL your fear and not just push you over the edge to a brief flash of triumph before you crash and burn!

Ahem. That’s me. If you’re ready? Contact me and let’s get you into massive soul-inspired action WITHOUT the excruciating fear! 🙂

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Laura Lucas

I’m a former atheist scientist obsessed with logic who dug my faith and spiritual gifts out of my shadow and am now obsessed with receiving deep knowing about how the universe works and testing it like a scientist in the ‘lab’ that is my life!!

I help spiritual entrepreneurs step into their next-level calling and magnetise their soul clients 🙂
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